System requirements for ExaGear

This article lists the system requirements for ExaGear RPG/Strategies/Windows Emulator.

ExaGear Strategies/RPG System Requirements

In 2014, to run ExaGear Strategies/RPG, you needed a phone/tablet with: ARMv7(Neon) processor, 1 gigabyte of RAM, and Android 3 or higher operating system. From version ExaGear Strategies 3.1.9 requires Android 5 and above.

ExaGear Windows Emulator System Requirements

ExaGear Windows Emulator was released in 2017. The requirements are the same as for RPG/Strategies, but the minimum version of Android is already 4.x. As of version 2.6.8, Android 5 is already required.

System requirements for using unofficial 3D acceleration

VirGL Overlay

VirGL Overlay uses virgl-renderer as the renderer. To run VirGL Overlay in Exagear, you need any graphics accelerator with support for OpenGL ES 2.1(3.0) and higher. Author of original development VirGL Overlay mittorn, author of modifications alexvorxx.

Instructions for using VirGL in ExaGear can be found here.


VirtIO-GPU in Exagear uses virgl_vtest_server, OpenGL renderer uses open drivers Turnip+Zink. To work, you need an Adreno 616+ graphics accelerator. Adreno 610,612 are not supported.

Usage in ExaGear

In ExaGear Windows Emulator is included in modified (mostly Chinese) caches. Installed from the "Start" menu from the folder WineGL.


Turnip open source Vulkan driver for Adreno. It uses the files /dev/kgsl-3d0, /dev/dri/card0 to access the GPU. It requires Adreno 616+ GPU to run (a specific list can be found at here).

Zink - translator of Vulkan to OpenGL, it can be run on any GPU supporting Vulkan. It can be useful for GPUs that support Vulkan but do not have full OpenGL, using OpenGL ES instead.

Turnip+Zink are part of the Mesa drivers.

Instructions for installing Turnip+Zink in ExaGear are here, as well as in instructions for installing ExaGear Windows Emulator.

Trouble running ExaGear on Huawei devices

On Huawei devices with Android 10 and above, there are problems running ExaGear. What is the reason is unknown, but it is worth trying to run ExaGear even if the device is from Huawei.