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On this page you will find basic installation instructions for all versions of ExaGear RPG/Strategies/Windows Emulator.

Instructions for installing ExaGear Windows Emulator

This part of the article describes how to install ExaGear Windows Emulator and/or its modifications.


ExaGear is a series of commercial programs aimed at running x86 Windows games and applications on ARM systems. Development and support ended on February 28, 2019.


You need to download the latest actual caches and APK ExaGear Windows Emulator.

Original app version

Important! If you are using the original version of the application, then today it is impossible to buy a license due to the closure of the project, use the modified APK.

Today it is not recommended for 3D games to use the original .obb, because the rendering speed is very low there, and by default there is no support for OpenGL (the way to install them is described below). The original .obb can be used for old 2D games from the 90s, you can download the latest .obb 3.0.1 here, and the modified apk (with more permissions , without license check, from AkaGloomy) can be downloaded here. There is also a modified cache for 2D games (3.0.2fix), you can download it from here.

Modified .obb for 3D games and also APK

For 3D games, it is recommended to use modified Chinese (fix) caches and APK. You can download their latest versions from server Discord ExaGear International (latest version of fix39). Previous versions, as well as other modifications, can be downloaded from the #apk-and-caches channel.

"Desktop" of ExaGear Windows Emulator(Standard APK)


After the APK and .obb have been downloaded, the apk needs to be installed, run, get an error message that the cache was not found. After that, the .obb must be placed in the /sdcard directory (in some cases /sdcard/Android/obb/applicationname). Go to the application and wait for the cache to be unpacked.

Launching ExaGear

After the cache is unpacked, you need to create a container with the resolution you need (resolutions that match the screen resolution, for example, 2400x1080 are in modified APKs), and with 32 bit color depth (sometimes old games require 16, keep this in mind) and with the necessary control. Launch TFM from your desktop (you need to choose the one that suits your device (for example: "Mali, OpenGL 3.3" or similar)". If there is only one TFM to choose from, then launch it. You can launch the container from "Menu->Container Management ->Press the three dots next to the name of the container->Run".

Download (from Google Drive) simple test DirectX 9 and extract it to the Download folder.

Installing libraries, running VirGL(for Mali)

If you have a device with a Mali video accelerator (you can check it in AIDA64), then to get 3D acceleration you need to run VirGL (in Chinese APKs and its mods, you can enable it directly from the main menu of ExaGear Windows Emulator). More detailed instructions can be found in the section below.

After starting the container, install the renderer from the start menu: Start->WineGL->VirGL (recommended Turnip+Zink for Adreno 616+, you can also use VirtlO-GPU(recommended for some games)), VirGL Overlay(for Mali), (paths may vary).

If Turnip+Zink is not in your cache, you can download and use automatic installers (recommended version 040822, for original .obb may need to install additional dependencies)

Important! If .obb files other than Chinese are used, then the paths to the Start menu may differ, and some items may not be available, and some .obb (for example, the original one) do not have TFM shortcuts, you need to create them yourself.

Auto install software renderer in original .obb ExaGear Mesa3D, WineD3D

If you are using Chinese .obb skip this step, go to the DirectX test.

By default, the original .obb ExaGear only supports DirectX 1-7, there was no full-fledged 3D and DirectX 8+. Below is a link to an installer to add support for software (slow) but full 3D in the original .obb ExaGear Windows Emulator.

Here you can download the automatic installer Mesa3D, WineD3D after installation The software renderer will be installed.

Check the operation of DirectX by following the next step of the instructions, which is written below.

Installing software render in original .obb ExaGear(manually)

It is possible to install software renderer manually, without using the installer, just follow the steps below, after which ExaGear Windows Emulator will run software rendering (slow) OpenGL, and Direct3D (using WineD3D renderer (OpenGL->Direct3D)

For OpenGL to work in the original .obb ExaGear you need to copy the additional library opengl32.dll from MegaFox (or others) to the C:/windows/system32 folder with replacement. You can download the library from MegaFox OpenGL here.

For Direct3D, you also need to download the archive with WineD3D libraries from MegaFox here. The archive must be unpacked and the files unpacked to C:/windows/system32 with replacement.

Installing Libraries in Wine

After all the steps described above, go to the "Start" menu and click Run. In the window that opens, enter winecfg and click OK.

Go to the "Libraries" menu, and add these values ​​to the list: notepad', opengl32, wined3d, libwine, ' dxgi, ddraw, d3d8, d3d9, d3d10, d3d10_1, d3d10core, d3d11, type must be 3rd party.

Check the operation of DirectX by following the next step of the instructions, which is written below.

Testing Direct3D/DirectX

After completing all the steps that have been described, go to the folder with the unpacked EnvMappingDX9 and launch Sphere / CubeMap. If a kettle or an airplane with a kettle is displayed over the screen (Does not apply to VirtIO-GPU, LLVMpipe (not recommended), Turnip+Zink), then ExaGear works properly. If an error window appears, then the previous steps may not have been completed/performed with errors.

If there were no problems with DirectX 9 tests, or they are solved, you can try to run 2D / 3D games, the most playable ones will be games from the mid-2000s (depending on the device). You can try to increase fps using data registry commands (be careful when experimenting, because all saves in games may be lost if the outcome is unfavorable).

In some cases, if DirectX does not work, you can check the operation of the OpenGL renderer through which Direct3D works.

For those who have Android 11 and above

If Android 11 and above is installed on the mobile device, then when you start games from the D: drive (Download folder), slow reading/writing speed may occur. In this case, the solution is to move the game folder to the C: drive, then the read/write speed will be the same as from the D: drive on Android 10 and below. In some caches, drive D: is moved from the Download folder to another location, then there will be no problem with low read/write speed.

APK Clones

There are apk versions with different package names, for example: original com.eltechs.ed, clone Such apk can be installed in parallel, but two programs cannot be launched at the same time (there will be an error when starting the container).


For help, you can contact the ExaGear International server, where they will help you if possible. Before you ask a question, check out how to properly frame it on the #faq-faq channel

Support for physical input methods in ExaGear

Unofficial support for joysticks etc can be done via Input Bridge. Keyboards, mice can work without it.

Alternative installation instructions for ExaGear Windows Emulator

  1. Youtube video tutorial on installing ExaGear Windows Emulator by Denis Rachev(Russian, English version(text) in description.

Additional articles that may come in handy while using the program

  1. Optimization games in ExaGear
  2. Controls in ExaGear

Instructions for installing legacy versions of ExaGear RPG/Strategies

ExaGear Strategies main menu

If you need to use the outdated ExaGear RPG/Strategies, here you can read the instructions for installing these programs.

These instructions only describe the installation of the original version of ExaGear RPG/Strategies, other modifications you can find here(on 4PDA forum, Russian)

Important! ExaGear RPG/Strategies are outdated. Android 9 and above may experience problems launching the app. There may also be problems with Huawei devices running Android 9+.

Download the latest ExaGear RPG/Strategies and software

First, you need to download the latest official ExaGear RPG or Strategies(2.6.8,3.5.0 respectively) APK file of cache(.obb) and modifications from Google Drive.

Then, download the required program you want to run in ExaGear RPG/Strategies.

Important! Today it is impossible to buy a license due to the closure of the project, use modifications built APKs.

App install

After downloading the APK and the cache, the apk needs to be installed, run, get an error message that the cache was not found. After that, the .obb must be placed in the /sdcard directory (in some cases /sdcard/Android/obb/applicationname). Go to the application and wait for the cache to be unpacked.

Important! If you get a license check error, you are using the original APK. As mentioned above, since February 28, 2019, it is not possible to buy the application, use the modified apk.

Checking the performance

Move the .exe file(s) of the program you want to run to /sdcard/ExaGear, run ExaGear RPG/Strategies, select the file you want to run, the translator program and the .exe file will run.

Modified ExaGear RPG/Strategies caches with full 3D support (Mesa3D software renderer, slow) and Direct3D by GFOXSH

By default, ExaGear RPG/Strategies only supports DirectX 1-7, there was no full-fledged 3D. Here you can download modified ExaGear RPG/Strategies caches with full 3D support (using Mesa3D software renderer, slow), Direct3D 8(WineD3D, DirectX->OpenGL translation is used) and higher from GFOXSH.

Instructions for installing and configuring VirGL Overlay

VirGL Overlay is one of the methods to get basic 3D acceleration in ExaGear. This part of the article describes how to use VirGL Overlay in ExaGear.

Download the latest version of VirGL and the appropriate ExaGear cache

Important! VirGL does not work on ExaGear RPG/Strategies, or major cache modifications are required to run on ExaGear RPG/Strategies, please use ExaGear Windows Emulaor!

To get started, download the latest version of VirGL Overlay modified to work without root (on 17.09.22 the latest version is 0.0.9) from ?usp=sharing Google Drive. You also need to download and install a suitable ExaGear cache with VirGL support. The base cache (since Mesa 18) can be downloaded here.

Installing and configuring VirGL

Install downloaded cache ExaGear and .apk VirGL Overlay. Run ExaGear, configure the container (make sure to switch 16 bit to 32 in the screen settings) and run it. After that go to the VirGL Overlay application without closing ExaGear. You will be asked for permission to display on top of all applications, grant it. After that, mark all the items that are indicated in the screenshot. Press the "Start Services" button several times and switch back to the running ExaGear.

Checking the functionality

Screenshot of VirGL with the most optimal settings.

Download (from Google Drive) simple test DirectX 9 and extract it to the Download folder. from forum simple test DirectX 9 and unpack it. Go to ExaGear and run Sphere/CubeMap. If a teapot or a plane with a teapot is displayed on top of the screen, then VirGL works. If an error window appears, then the previous steps may not have been completed/performed with errors. If all the steps were followed correctly but still an error, there may be a problem with VirGL, try an older version (for example 0.0.8, 0.0.7).

Important! Every time you start/restart the game for VirGL, you need to press the "Clean Services" button each time, and then "Start Services" .

If VirGL works, then you can install other modified caches (for example, modifications of Chinese fixes from mr.frolof), you can use the basic ones, but there is little functionality (there are no additional libraries in the Start menu, WineD3D for example.)

Problems in games with VirGL

Some games when using VirGL may not be launched with Multi thread, DXtn parameters. In case of errors, try to remove one of these items.

VirGL in Chinese obb, apk

In Chinese caches it is possible to install LibGL with VirGL, and in apk there is an integrated VirGL Overlay, in this case you do not need to install separate applications, just set it up as in the screenshot and give permission to the ExaGear application "On top of all applications" and from the menu "Start" along the path: Start->WineGL->VirGL Overlay (may differ) install LibGL with VirGL as well as Mesa 18-21(v3).

Additional VirGL options

Additional parameters need to be registered in the .desktop file of the desktop shortcut. You need to write between the words Exec=env and WINEPREFIX, for example: Exec=env VTEST_WIN=1 WINEPREFIX

VTEST_SOCK= - parameter required to run VirGL Overlay (deprecated, no longer needed in new versions of libGL)

VTEST_WIN=1 - drawing an overlay in the window (decreases performance, not check the box 'Use vtest protocol 2(new Mesa libGL needed, Mesa 18-21 v3 needed)

MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.3(up to 4.6) - OpenGL version upgrade.

If you have problems join on Discord server ExaGear International and ask there about your problem in the form that is on the channel #faq-чаво

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