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Eltechs is a Russian company that specialized in the release of x86 code translator programs for ARM[1]. Created on February 25, 2012[2], liquidated in October 2020 in the sale of all translator source codes to Huawei.

Founded February 25, 2012
Abolished October 1, 2020
Reason for abolition Sale
Products ExaGear
Company site eltechs.com(Wayback Machine)


Most of the sources and footnotes here are in Russian, since the company is Russian, and the resources and forums where the project is discussed are mostly in Russian.

Company history

Agreed with the website of the company, registered in 2012 as a startup[3]. A more intense date is written in the discussion header ExaGear products on 4pda forum: February 25, 2012. It is known that the Armmaster team was received then, it also included pUnK2014 and TheAK47[4].

In 2014, the ExaGear series of translator programs was released. You can learn more about them in here.

There is very little information about the company. Judging by the Twitter, the main office was located on the street Vavilova, 24, Moscow, Russia, the authors of the work at the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

ExaGear logo

Closing and selling the company

ExaGear was successfully hacked after its release, and could be obtained for free, and apparently, the sale of applications in the Play Market began to fall, from which the profit either greatly decreased, or it didn't exist at all. Expensive controls for playing a role in a future project that closed on February 28, 2019.

Continuation of the development of the project after its sale

Presumably in October 2020, Eltechs sold all the source codes of ExaGear to Huawei, and the project was restored under the brand ExaGear Huawei[5]. Support for the x86_64 architecture has been added. The new version only works with Huawei products and is not in the mass market.

In October 2022(allegedly) Huawei removed everything related to ExaGear on its website. Perhaps, the project was finally closed.


Company website (archive)