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ExaGear Huawei
Developer(s) Huawei
Release date 2020 (presumably)
Latest version 2.0.0
OS GNU/Linux
Site https://web.archive.org/web/20220513061542/https://support.huaweicloud.com/intl/en-us/ug-exagear-kunpengdevps/ug-exagear-kunpengdevps.pdf

ExaGear Huawei is a commercial x86_64->ARM translator based on ExaGear by Eltechs, released by the Chinese company Huawei after it bought the company Eltechs expected in 2020. Refers to ExaGear commercial product series.

The main difference between ExaGear Huawei and other versions of ExaGear released by Eltechs is x86_64 support, while in earlier versions there was support for recompilation to ARM only x86 architecture, so it is still impossible to fully use it.

Open access has various versions of Huawei's ExaGear, but the product has not been mass-marketed.

Using Translator(ubt_x64a64_al) from ExaGear Huawei(including other versions) in Android

This part of the article contains instructions for using the translator from ExaGear Huawei (ubt_x64a64_al) in Android. At the moment, due to the limitations of Android and the lack of ExaGear Huawei on sale, you can not use it fully. Also in this way you can run translators from earlier versions of ExaGear using ubt_x32a32_al.

Attention! ExaGear Huawei requires a rebuilt Android kernel with VA48 support, binfmt_misc, root rights, and basic knowledge of Linux!

Install Termux and also download ubt_x64a64_al, startup script(when using a 32-bit translator, you need to edit), and the rootfs needed to start the system (for example Ubuntu 22.04).

Go to Termux, enable memory access: termux-setup-storage && cd ~/storage/downloadsand extract rootfs: mkdir folder && tar -xf rootfsname.tar.xz -C ubuntu, then enter the command chmod 777 && sh start.sh (the application will ask for root access). After running, test the translator with the arch command, the output should show x86_64

Operating restrictions

  • systemd does not work (kernel and Android system limitations)


Original instructions on Reddit