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MultiWine - .obb ExaGear Windows Emulator that has multiple versions of Wine(from 2). Their size is slightly larger than the standard obb with one version of Wine.

The user can select the version of Wine when creating the container (for example, 7.21).

Building caches with MultiWine

You can add MultiWine support by modifying the apk and .obb of the original ExaGear cache.

Download these classes (belongs to the author of the MultiWine idea), and import them into ExaGear's .dex APK. Add information about Wine versions to apk/assets/WinesVersionInfo.txt. Now, we need to add the Wine versions to the .obb file. Download Wine .deb files from winehq site (e.g. wine-staging_4.21~bionic_i386.deb and wine -staging-i386_4.21~bionic_i386.deb). Extract the opt and usr folder from these two /deb files to a new folder named wine4.21 and add the wine4.21 folder to obb (e.g. .obb/opt/wine4.21). Add wine4.21 location information to apk/assets/WinesVersionInfo.txt, for example wine4.21 /opt/wine4.21/opt/wine-staging /opt/guestcont-pattern/. Save the modified apk and .obb and install the modified apk. When creating a container, select one of the Wine versions you added.